Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hawaii Bound Update: The Yard sale

Dr. Tiki Mojo and Eva's car packed to the gills!

That was the sound of all my stuff being wisked away by friends, family, good neighbors and various strangers as the Chongolian Yardsale-O-Rama ran it's course last weekend. I got rid of just about everything that needed to find a new home and go to spend some time hangin' out a bit. Although it is a bit surreal watchin' as your a huge bulk of your possesions are loaded up into your friend's car and then driven away to a new home. I am OK with it though...Ok a few tears were shed but nobody saw them.

Saturday was super mellow, kinda grey and cold but a few friends came by to eat, peruse the goodies and relax. A special thanks to Margery for helpin' out and bringing over some beverages and the food the guys at Aloha Island Grille prepared. Also thanky to Jentiki for come over with the beers and cupcakes. One last big thanks to everybody who stopped by who took some stuff and "fed the Kitty." I really can tell you enough how much I appreciate your help, support and friendship.

Sunday was crazy go nutz! Just a few short minutes after hangin' up signs at the nearest intersection. Early birds started pouring in trying to buy my neighbors tools and going through my cupboards and trying to get at my half bags of trail mix, pistachios and cleaning supplies. A lot of people stopped by to look things over and essentially took away just about everything at a low low price. One lady, a neighbor who I had never met before, was so happy with her bargains she came back the next day with fresh monkey bread for me that was quite good.

This next week will be a busy one. I still have quite a bit of moving to do, a dump run to make and get the place cleaned up by next Sunday. For the most part I am now working out of a portable office I set up at my Mom's but with my workhorse computer is still in the studio plugged in because I still have a few projects that I am in the middle of working on.

One last thing, I am making a last minute decision to go to Kauai for a few days the second week in April to talk with a women about a room and a house sitting gig. I will also be carrying and packing as much stuff as I can carry to put into storage over there until I return some time in May.

Thanks to everyone who responds to my posts and emails. I try to get back to everybody but time is really getting tight now. I may be a bit scarce and hard to reach for a while until things settle down a bit. I will do my best to keep up with short notes and blog entries so you can all follow along as the real life adventures of Chongolio continue!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tiki Treasures and Polynesian Pinups

I will be there with some artistic creations for your lookin' and buying pleasure. Come over, take a peek and say Hello.

Planet Claire Video Collage

One of the coolest Sci-Fi songs ever written just got better with the help of Milesprunier over on You Tube. This is some good stuff! Thanks going out to Unga Bunga for sending this my way.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Video Mars Plants

Chongo The Tiki Bottle Brush Cleaner

Well the good folks over at Tiki Farm just announced over on Tiki Central a new and unique item which Tiki Farm and myself teamed up to bring you. Get ready because here it is The Chongo Brush Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to clean out some of your larger, more extravagantly designed Tiki mugs? I have! This cast resin diamond grip handle is coupled up with the nicest quality bottle brush we could find. It'll be packaged featuring art by Me... Good ol Chongolio. We are plnning the release this summer so stay tuned for more details as the come forth. Many thanks going out to Holden and all the Tiki farmers for helping to bring this idea to life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sonic Surf at the Blank Club

Definitely going to try and make it out for this one, It looks to be a rocker! Although I have never been to the Blank Club before.

Surfing the Amazon

A lil surfin' something from Fogonazo's blog about Pororoc and surfing the Amazon

Looks like fun except for the brown water and floating debris.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hawaii Five-0 on DVD

One of my all time favorite TV series has just been released on DVD! With one of the greatest opening themes and opening sequence that television ever had, a lead man who never lost his cool, had snappy lines (Aloha! Aloha, suckers!) and a car that peeled out every time he got in it, and filmed entirely in Hawaii, You can't go wrong watch Steve McGarret and da boyz! Here is a Hawaii Five-0 fun fact. The opening credits features a gnarly wave pitching and breaking. This same wave was used in the opening credits of Surfari. Although, there has been some debate among surfers, many claim the wave is the Banzai Pipeline on the North shore of Oahu and the film has been flipped making the wave appear to be breaking in the opposite direction.

Hawaii Five-0 - The Complete First Season

Saturday, March 03, 2007

chongolio on deviantART

I am now posting my art over at deviantART.com Blink on over and take a look at some of my art and if your a member go on and add me to your list of friends! There is also prints available too! So if you got the gumption and some extra fun coupons go on ahead and pick yourself up a Chongolian treat.