Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hungry Tiki

Here is another doodle I did that I had forgotten about that was stashed between pages in a sketch book. This "Hungry Tiki" was done on watercolor paper using, ink as a background with gouache and markers over the top once the ink has dried. It was kind of an experiment using new and different mediums

The Singing Leaf

"The Singing Leaf" I did one on a piece of sintra with acrylic paints and paint pens. I bordered it with rope and made a hanger out of driftwood and macrame. I also decorated it with a piece of sea glass, beads and coral. Hanging from the bottom are wood beads and the dried fruit from a Pandanus (Hala) tree which the native Hawaiians used as paint brushes for their tapa. This piece was purchased by a lady who moved into the house I just moved out of. When she came over to check the house out she saw this art and wanted to buy it for her son's birthday. Pretty cool me thinks.

The Bone Eater

This is a new piece I created on 10" tall wooden spoon I found at the Goodwill in Lihue. I am calling it "The Bone Eater" I used acrylic paints and paint pens after painting the spoon with gesso.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Moai Skater by Rudy Drat

I had one of my best friends from the high school daze stop on island for a visit with his family at the beginning of July. My ol buddy Rudy has been painting tikis, surf scenes and assorted vintage style coolness since I first met him punk rockin' in the early 80's. Anyways, He gifted me this Moai skateboard deck that he had painted and covered with a clear sand and polyurethane "grip" sealer. The thing is awesome! He has done several others and is continually producing more. If anybody is interested in checking them out they should drop him a note at