Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stuckie at Munktiki is on fire!

Wowzerz! Stuckie from Munktiki is in the groove and making mad progress on the Ohana Hut. Hold onto your jawbone and spock these progress shots he recently posted on Tiki Central. I spoke with Stuckie for a bit and he hopes to get the mold finished within the next week. Final details for the opposite and back walls have been tossed around and are waiting for a final OK from Hanford.
This shot features the original Tiki Central mug and mascot Shecky who was designed several years ago by my multi talented friend Tikifish.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Diddle-Iddle-Oo Tabu Tiki Wear

OK, I was inspired by the Brady Bunch Tiki thread over on Tiki Central and decided to design a "Diddle-iddle-oo" white shirt and a surf hoodie. Done in that cool seventies surf style, these items will appease most angry gods and may even bring you some good luck. However, this shirt will not protect you from Tarantula bites, thing falling off walls or heavy wipe outs!

Surf Hoodie - $28.00

Warm Sleeve - $23.99

Check these and other designs out at my Cafepress shop

If there is any interest I may add the design to other products. Input and feedback is always appreciated!

Ohana Hut Progress

Stuckie over at Munktiki posted some progress shots of the Ohana Hut on Tiki Central over the weekend. For those who don't know about the Ohana Hut scroll down a few blog entries for more info.
Stuckie has been super busy lately but is still finding the time to get the Ohana Hut into production. Still a few questions remain about the actual size, it looks pretty hefty judging by the pics, and we are all still deciding what should go on the outside wall opposite the weapons and the uke. A few good ideas have been thrown into the hat and I will let you know once a decision has been made. I am sure no matter what gets put on the walls this mug is gonna drop some jaws!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

New T-shirts from Monkeyman Design

Yeah buddy! Monkeyman has got the shirts in all kinds of colors and sizes and they look DELUXE! I just got my black T, now I need to get a pic and zap it over to him for his website. The M-man wants to see all his shirts in action from around the globe. Word has it France, Hawaii and Canada are already savvy in the ways of Monkeyman mania. You better get hip while you can! And fon't forget to send a pic of you sportin' it around the local village to . Also, check in on Monkeymans's thread on Tiki Central for a few more pics of his colorful shirts in action

If you haven't already seen it, check out the custom frame he did for Sneakyjack from Baribault Creationz! Featuring the unreal print of "Pineapple Express" by Drew Brophy This frame was handcrafted in the amazing Monkeyman style with massive dedication to da details mon! Total eye melting goodness, If you stare at The Monkeyman's artistic creations too long you will go blind. I'm warnin' ya!