Saturday, November 25, 2006

Movin to Hawaii Update

Things are moving forward at a leisurely pace but I expect to be runnin' full speed by the new year. I have been gathering lots of contacts for people already livin' in Hawaii, talking with everyone I can, gathering info about housing, work and life in general on the islands. It is still all very much up in the air as to what I will be doing for work and on which island. The departure date is still around March or April depending on how everything works out. I may postpone leaving for a month to watch a friends house while they are on vacation to help out, put a few more clams in my pocket and take the time too cross my I's and dot my T's. Of course if anything that can't be passed up comes about, I am ready to shift into high at anytime and accelerate.

I have set up Chongolio's Flea Market as an outlet for my art and the things I am willing to depart with. I have already started posting items with links to purchase through Paypal. I figure I will give my friends, family and Coconut Wired listeners a chance to help out and get first grabs at the stuff they might want. I am going to try and start posting a few more things every week. After some time passes and I still have there is no interest some things will go on the Bay Area craigslist. Whatever doesn't get sold will most likely go into storage or more likely get taken to Goodwill or given away.

Sorting through all my possesions will probably be one of my biggest and hardest challenges. I love my stuff and I have a lot of it. But my gut feeling is to break away from all the clutter and knick knacks I have accumulated and start again all fresh like. At this point, I want to keep and ship my computer, work station, plotter, tools, as well as some shop and art supplies. I think it would be a good move to have the ability to make some kind of side money with graphic design, vinyl graphics and decals once I get out there. I am also really leaning heavily torwards shipping my van too. The benfits of having transportation while trying to get established justify the cost, which is going to run about $1000.00. In a worst case scenario, I could always live out of it and rent some commercial space until I can settle into a comfortable living and working situation.

Alos, I have been keep a steady eye on Craigslist Hawaii for opportunity and I have also been lurking around on and but have yet to post and introduce myself. Maybe after the holiday madness has ended I will come out of the shadows and start posting. Time still appears to be abundant but I know December is going to slip by liked greased bacon after that time is going to start wingin'. I still have lots to do and better keep up with my checklist.
Please feel free to comment, contact or share any of my info with anyone you know who might be able to help out with info, contacts or opportunities in Hawaii. Mahalo.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Coconut Wired Adventure #9

Tiki Artwork complements of Tiki Tony. Zap over to Tiki Tony's website at and fill your orbs with his amazing creations. Why your there be sure to check out some of his new hand crafted mugs. He also has prints available at Falling Cocos.

The MIG are closing in so we are throwin' some dub voodoo into the signal in hopes of throwing the hunters off our trail. Dangerous yes, but necessary! Things may get a little weird but hang in there because this episode is still loaded with flavor. Dig the crazy cool art of Tiki Tony. and the titillating tunes of Surfpatrouille, DJ Heler Selecta, Burnin' Sands, Creepy Creeps, The Von Hodads and Chum.

Also, we are also offerin' for the first time...
The Coconut Wired Character Coffee Mug.

This multiple use coffee mug that has a pic of Monkeypod, Moki and even the lil Coconesian. Chongolio is not on it because he was busy puttin' the art together. but you might find is a note from him near the handle. These babies can be yours for a small donation of $13.99. Right now Cafepress is offering free shipping between Nov 16, 2006 and Dec, 20 2006 on orders over $50.00. So get all your holiday treats bought in one place and save some dough and find a place to keep your extra nuts and bolts.

So come tune in and bug out at Coconut


We are always looking to feature new artist and music. If you are or know somebody who is creating artwork or music inspired by the tropical surf, exotic cocktails and magical lush jungles and who would like to be a part of Coconut Wired. Zap us a message!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hanalei Hotel Waterfall

Here is a quick video clip I threw together after hearing of the demise of the beautiful waterfall in the Island restaurant at the Red Lion Hanalei hotel in San Diego. You can read the sad news at Joel Delanoreis's Blog. Humuhumu has more news and some neat old postcard pictures of the Hanalei hotel over on Humu Kon Tiki (November 11)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

TikiBar TV comes to Pittsburgh.

click image to enlarge.

Lala, Dr Tiki and Johnny Johnny are all gonna be hangin' out with the folks from libsyn during Podcamp Pittsburgh. The event is free for Podcamp attendees.

Sat Nov 11th
8.00-11.00 pm
Tiki Lounge
2003 E Carson St
Pittsburgh (South Side) PA 15203

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tiki Kings Surf Fluke

Tiki King's fourth design for the Magic Fluke Company. The Magic Fluke Company had T.K do a custom "designer" edition Fluke. He does the Art, they build the Flukes, we get a treat! These are concert scale, awesomely accented with a walnut neck, rosewood fretboard and natural wood bridge. These special edition Surf Flukes are specially printed reproductions of original Artwork by Tiki King! A fun piece of Art you can play with! $275.00 includes a padded gig bag with shoulder strap.
For more about Tiki King's Art work CLICK HERE

Friday, November 03, 2006

Tiki Magazine release party and art show

The release of the latest Tiki Magazine at The Tonga Hut, November 11th, 2006 at 7:30 PM 12808 Victory Blvd. at Coldwater Canyon in North Hollywood.

Come Check out Tiki Magazine's issue six and meet Tiki Tony
the latest cover artist. Tiki Tony will also be releasing his latest tiki mug. There will also be some of the other awesome artists who will be there with art for show and sell including Squid, Ken Ruzic, Kirby, Suzanne Mosher, Johnny the Pinstriper, and others. As a drink special All drinks from the "Liquid Exotica" list will be discounted.

I wish I could make it down for this one but need to stay underground for a while. I will bet there in spirit my Tiki compadres. Have fun!

More info and fun facts at:
Humu Kon Tiki