Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Diddle-Iddle-Oo Tabu Tiki Wear

OK, I was inspired by the Brady Bunch Tiki thread over on Tiki Central and decided to design a "Diddle-iddle-oo" white shirt and a surf hoodie. Done in that cool seventies surf style, these items will appease most angry gods and may even bring you some good luck. However, this shirt will not protect you from Tarantula bites, thing falling off walls or heavy wipe outs!

Surf Hoodie - $28.00

Warm Sleeve - $23.99

Check these and other designs out at my Cafepress shop

If there is any interest I may add the design to other products. Input and feedback is always appreciated!

1 comment:

johnny dollar said...

diddle-iddle-oo! :)