Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hawaii Bound

Dreampoint by Chongolio

Well the word is out, some of my close friends, family along with a few of the folks who made it to the Forbidden Island Sale-a-bration are already in the know. I am making the move to Hawaii in March 07. That is when my current lease in Scotts Valley will be up and the time to make the jump. I have been waiting and waiting for everything in my life to be in cosmic synchronicity but have come to the conclusion that may never happen. So since I don't have a girlfriend, wife, kids, pets, house or car payment I decided now is the time to fulfill my life long dream of living in and exploring the South Pacific. What I do have is a small debt that I hope to get under control over the next 6 months. I have for the most part shut down my graphic design studio and have taken a job working with a company called Blue Monitor as a Project Manager. I will continue to do graphic design work on the side but will be very particular about the side jobs I take on. Basically only the ones that pay. I will also keep on the artistic tip and keep crankin' out art to sell to help get me on my way

I am not sure how everything will work out as far as housing and a job, I am not even sure of which Island I will end up on. I do have preferred locations in mind, Kauai, The Big Island or Maui in that order, and would like to work in some kind capacity as artist/ graphic designer, but understand that I may have to work my way into it and that it may take some time. My plan is simple, throw out the net and see what I can pull in before I get out there. I would like to make the hop and have some kind of job lined up and dialed in with at least a couch to crash on when I hit the ground. In the mean time I will be selling off everything that has no meaning or sentimental value. I am still deciding on shipping my van out there. At this point it looks like the best idea because I can easily live out of it if I have too.

So keep checking back to read more about one monkey boy's adventures encountered when relocating to Hawaii. You also are invited to add your two coconuts and if you got a tip or a lead lay it on me!.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Chongo! If anybody was ever meant for da islands, it's you, braddah!

Keep us posted,