Monday, December 18, 2006

The Tonga Hut Winter Wonderland Art Show

After I saw the pics from the The Tiki Mag release party at the Tonga Hut and reading one of the funniest threads ever on Tiki Central , I knew I just had to burn gears and make a road trip. All the stars lined up so I found myself down in North Hollywood, CA for the Winter Wonderland art show and mug release party at the Tonga Hut. What a gas it was to see all the kick ass tiki art and good friends who live down in the southlands. Big kine mahalos to Atomickitty, Grog, The Tonga Hut crew, all the artists and fine folks who made it out despite the cold, wet wintery weather to make a very entertaining night. Here are some of the pics I took of the evenings festivities.

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Atomikitty said...

Wow Chongolio!
It was so great to see you at the Tonga Hut show! Thank you SO MUCH for making the trek from SC! Great photos. : )
I wish you much luck and success on your big move to Hawaii. Please stay in touch so we know when we can come crash on your couch! Hee hee-mostlt kidding. ; )
I love my new coconut monkey, and will give her and her baby a very good home.
Suzy AKA Atomikitty