Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kipu Falls

Well for the past week the surf has been flatter than squashed pancakes, so I decided to catch up on some bloggin'. A while back during a similar lull in surf, I went over and explored Kipu falls which for the most part is in my backyard being only a few miles away from Lihue in Puhi. I packed up some berries, snacks, my sketch book and my uke and set out for a quiet day chillin' with nature.I got an early start on a Sunday morning, but not early enough. There was already several groups of locals and tourists already on the scene hoggin' my quiet time. I watched some folks jumpin' off the edge of the falls and swingin' like monkeys from a rope swing into the pool. The rope swing looked like a blast but too way too many people standin' around waitin' for their turn. So I made my way to the edge of the falls waited for the last jumper to get out of my way and then made the 20' jump. The water was cooler than the ocean but still felt awesome and refreshin' The real magic and solitude came when I hiked back up the Hule'ia Stream about half a mile. There was nobody upstream at all and lots of neat tricklin micro falls and lil pools to check out.

I found a nice shady spot to eat some lunch draw for a bit and play my uke. By about noon my shade wasgone and it was getting quite pretty hot so I headed back to the Safari and decided to come back another time during the week when less crowd were more likely. It was still a pretty fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

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