Sunday, August 03, 2008

T-shirt designs- Moa Kane Coffee

Back design

Pocket and sleeve designs

As some of you may or may not know, I been working as a graphic designer in a screenprinting shop. Most of the time I am massaging other peoples graphics and getting them prepared for printing onto t-shirts. But I finally got around to recreating one of my designs that was lost when my old laptop bought the coffee plantation. Those of you who have been out to Kauai undoubtedly has experienced are thriving wild chicken population. This shirt pays tribute to the Rooster or "Moa Kane" in the hawaiian dialect. I was trying to get an old distressed label kinda feel. I am pretty happy with this version of "Moa Kane Coffee." The styles will vary as I play around with ink, placement and shirt colors. But I think the first run is going to be navy blue ink on a tan shirt. There are two ways to get yourself one of these fine Chongolian designed T's. You can buy one from me for $20.00 + shipping (paypal link coming soon) or come to visit me on Kauai and I will give you one (while supplies last.)

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