Friday, October 31, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Lately I have been on this fishin' and crabbin' kick and feeling the urge to learn how to fish. So I have been boning up by watchin videos and readin up on the web. Well it turns out my 'ol friend Tony, who I went to High School with, is on island for a visit. He is one of the few friends I know who enjoys fishin and has been doing it for quite a while.
We hooked up after I got done with work then took a trip over to the store where we bought a rod and reel, a knife, a bucket, some hooks and bait. After we equipped ourselves we set out to the end of the jetty where we cast our line. We did alright, although we didn't catch anything really worth keeping. But it was still fun to actually get out there and do some fishin and get fish smell on your hands.m Here is what we caught:

A small kine eel with a ferocious set of chompers.

A little male Samoan crab

And a beautiful sunset!

Tonight we are going to Hanapepe Bridge with a crab ring and gonna try to pull in some big kine crabs for a weekend crab feast!

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