Sunday, June 12, 2011

art journal snaps #6

This World Needs More Flying Monkeys!

"This World Needs More Flying Monkeys!" I drew this ape airman in my sketch book then scanned and colored it in. Once colored I cut it out and pasted in my art journal. The background is random layers created with sharpies, brush pens, acrylic paints, ink and what not.


Bad Jones Rising said...

I already commented about this on tumblr but I love it! I actually like it because the monkey has so much personality. Animal faces, monsters with human features is def. my style. I love your journal pages...I want to see them all together in a row.

Chongolio said...

Aloha Bad Jones- I been drawing this kinda stuff forever and have always loved letting the characters and there stories develop as they come to life in my art pages. I have kept sketch books since I was a kid and have only recently started an art journal. Basically I treat the art journal as a place to let the media and my mind run wild without consequence of aesthetics or content. The pics that I am posting form my art journal are pieces that came out some what decent. A lot of my pages are nothing but a colorful mayhem and the meditative doodles of a touched monkey. But thanks for the interest and the comments. Now lets see some of your new work!