Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coconut Wired Adventure # 13

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I been really busy with moving, packin' and creatin' but I have found the time to get Adventure #13 uploaded and ready for a-listenin'

This next adventure finds our heros still underground but on the verge of some startling discoveries! Featured in this episode are a few of
Tiki Ray's carvings and the musical niceness of North of Malibu, El Ray, The Mariners, The Del-Vamps, Agents of Voodoo and we welcome back The Tikiyaki Orchestra.

If you like the shows please let us know! It really does help to keep the motivational fires stokin'. We would also like to hear any input, suggestions or ideas you have about or show. You can write to me at:

As you very well know, the Coconut Wired crew is always looking for fresh new talent to give some exposure to! If you are an artist or musician who is inspired by tropical visions of lush vegetation, magical waterfalls and mysterious surf spots and would like to be a part of Coconut Wired, Zap me an email at:
Also, don't forget to say hello to me at these upcoming events in April.

Click on image to see larger pdf version.

Tiki Treasures & Polynesian Pinups (1st annual)

Saturday, April 28th at Goodfellas. Doors open at 6pm
8034 Haven Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 909-987-3005

"This show has been posted in an "Enhanced" format AAC (M4A) formatted file instead of the older MP3 format. While this format allows for richer content including imagery and web links, it is only compatible with QuickTime and/or iTunes both of which are simultaneously Macintosh and Windows compatible."

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