Sunday, July 10, 2011

art journal snaps #12

Flow...Let yourself go! Another page in my art journal to remind me to let life and emotions flow and not hang on to negative thoughts or limiting beliefs


Bad Jones Rising said...

C$, this is neat. Did you write the text at the bottom yourself? I like the flower and roots in the middle too. I love when people put text in their work...makes everything so "wholesome". How's your wordpress coming?

Chongolio said...
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Chongolio said...

Hey thanks BJR :) Adding text is kinda of a new thing I been playin' around with. I agree that text can really help to solidify and bring a theme or concept together. My lettering skills need some work so most of the time I use illustrator to add text to my work. I find a cool font, print it out on regular paper then distress it a little and then mod podge the strip of paper over the top of everything. Sometimes I will come back with another paint or stamp over the top lightly to help bring it back into the painting so it doesn't pop out too much from everything else.
Wordpress blog is comin along slowly as I hunt for a theme that looks decent and uses the widgets I am looking for. Way tougher than I had thought it was going to be, but I will get it eventually!