Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jungle Trader Tikis at The Lost-Isle

Good 'ol Jungle Trader from Tiki Jungle came out for a surf trip and dropped off some tikis here at the Lost-Isle. Jungle Trader carves a bad ass tiki and his influences are endless. He has done carvings that embrace Marquesian, Maori, Hawaiian, Tongan even pelican style! His Tikis have stood vigil over the world famous Minnie's of Modesto and the former Wanga Rei. JT is also the man responsible for the creation of Pika Kelawaka, the signature Minnie's Tiki Mug. Jungle T has been knee deep in the creative juices and so busy that he doesn't have the time to peddle the stuff he is crankin' out. At least that is what he told me last time he was hangin' out in S.C. after an all day surf session. Come to think of it he had a Mai Tai in his hand and his shoes were off too. Anyways, I dig the Jungle Trader like a brother so I told him I would try and help him out. So here is what I did...

I currently have his tikis listed on and on the new classified site Just search for tikis in the Santa Cruz and they should blink up. I also have his mugs at The Lost-Isle Trading Post. If anybody out there readin' this is interested give me a call and I will zap your over a pdf with all the prices and pics. These are killer tikis made by a man who knows and speaks their ancient silent language.

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