Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What a week!


So this past week I had a real blast! I got to hang out with one of my favorite people my good ol Uncle Sasquatch. He and I went up to San Francisco for the Mac Expo to take a look at all the new whistles and bells for our beloved Macs and discuss prehensile tails with the Mac Geniuses. In addition too tons of brightly colored and weird shaped iPod thing-a-ma-jingys we also got to check out and poke at Apple's new laptop The Macbook Pro with the controversial but highly acclaimed Intel chip. The sleek new laptop looks pretty bitchin' and has a video camera built right above the top of the screen. It also comes with iLife 06 which includes podcasting capabilities inside Garageband and iWeb a new application that lets you create and publish websites, blogs, podcasts and video to the internet. Of course everything in the iLife suite seamlessly integrates with each other. Well, I simply had to have it and placed my order right when I got back home. I am going to give it a try and if it works out use it for my web publishing endeavors. I was pretty impressed with the whole Expo and left with my propeller spinnin' crazy RPM's.

Last night was another magical evening at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz meeting. Visiting us again was our good friends and club members Herb Ohta Jr, Keoki Beamer and Daniel Ho. They played some beautiful Hawaiian tunes that brought smiles to everybody's face and there was a lot of faces there too! Those three Hawaiian guys play so effortlessly and precise it's completely amazing. And oh boy were they havin' fun up on stage too. They were also accompanied for a couple of songs by Valerie, Garrick and Dana who are some of the Hula dancers from Ka Lei Wehi O Ka Mailelauloa Although it was a chilly night da boyz kept us all cozy with warm Hawaiian tunes. I was super stoked to hear Keoki talk story and here him sing his song about Pele and Kamapua'a called Ho's Kupu off his album with Herb entitled Hana Ho. A truly memorable night. As my good buddy Pat said to me "you couldn't get any closer to the the islands unless you are there."

The secret is out and it's more BIG tiki news for the Bay area. Did you think it was going to stop at the Kona club? Nope, The great gods of tiki desire a temple of worship in Alameda as well and so be it. Thanks to a cast of unbelievable talent, skill and knowledgies aplenty the Forbidden Island should appear on the horizon as soon as April. Find out more about this news at Humuhumu's blog.

My next entry maybe comin' in a new format if the iLife 06 package works out. Keep your fingers and eyes crossed

Until next time eek-eek

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