Monday, January 02, 2006

So long 2005!

Well here we are in 2006 as 2005 slowly shrinks in the rearview mirror. See ya sucker! 2006 is my new buddy! Yep me and 2006 are going to do BIG things together! That's right! Why looky here I already got a blog and it's only 5:00 January 2. For the record, I think blog is a goofy word. Every time I hear it I think that if Beavis and Butthead were in the room they would snicker and say " huh huh...You said Blog." Don't even get me started on what the word "podcasting" makes me think of.

O.K. so 2005 had a few good memories, highlights include the wang dang doodle of a party for my 40th. The Kamapua'a series, all the ukulele jams, tiki parties and surf trips I made. I also got to mention all the great friends and people I met while travelin' around selling my art, playing my uke and havin' fun' Hey! that's pretty much the kind of stuff I want to share in my (uh uh-huh, huh.) I am going to try and post Information and tidbits on the things that make me smile, laugh and go mmmmm!. And hey if I sell a few of the things I have created along the way or help another artistic soul get some recognition well then that's just gravy on the biscuit as it were.

So with that brief introduction and the ceremonial shrieking like a crazed monkey. I go back to my attempts at getting my ducks lined up in a tight crisp formation.

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