Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Coconut Wired Adventure #2 Uploaded

Co•co•nut wi•re n. The communication of native island people by using the word of mouth telegraph system. 2.) Chongolio’s pirate podcast.
Co•co•nut wi•red adj. The act of being tuned into the Lost-Isle’s phantom frequency and filling your senses with Sonic Surf, Tropical Tunes and Exotic Ambiance brought to you from Chongolio and his far-out Freinds.

Ok...If you haven't heard yet Moki has uploaded the second episode of Coconut Wired. This time Monkeypod and I are podcastin' from the lagoon while the crew of trained monkeys retrieve the rest of our supplies from the Liki Tiki. This episode features the music of Tiki King and the Idol Pleasures, Kelp, The Cadillac Angels, Ape and whole lot more! So kick up your heels and get ready to have your ear holes filled with some KILLAH tunes and your eyes treated to the artwork of Noah Snodgrass & Shawn Dickinson from Untamed Highway and the knock out art of Sam Gambino If you like what you see and hear be sure to help support the bands and artists by picking up their CDs and artwork. You can also help too keep the adventures going by purchasing any of the Chongolian Swag I have available at Chongolio's Tiki Surf Shack or on ebay at the The Lost-Isle Trading Post. Don't be shy too write me with your comments, suggestions and feedback on the show.

Are you in a surf, exotica or Ukulele or tropically inspired band? Let me know and I will try to get you into an upcoming episode.

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