Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Get Well Soon Shirley!

Unfortunate news for the Ukulele Community. A few weeks ago Shirley Orlando who is an ukulele playin' extraordinaire and one of the driving forces of Uke For Troops was in a pretty bad car wreck. This info is off of Jim Beloff"s website Fleamarket Music.com. Shirley was in a bad auto wreck. Broken ribs, punctured lung. She'll be okay but is in sore shape. The bottom line is she was hit while going thru' a green light by a "big car" running a red light.....plowed right into her side. She had to be pried out. As noted above at least a couple broken ribs and punctured lung. At first someone thought she had a broken hand but it's more like jammed or strained. She's in good spirits. Send your get well cards to Shirley's shop
The Island Baazar
582 Gothard Street, Suite R
Huntington "Surf City" Beach, CA 92647

Also, Braddah Piko did an interview with Shirley on his podcast The Hawaiian Concert Guide about Uke For Troops. Go to Piko's site and do a search for Ukes For Troops to give it a listen.

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