Friday, April 14, 2006

Rapa Nui Travelogue

This in from my good friend Tiki Chris. Chris is the author of the Kamapua'a series that I illustrated, did the page layout and put together. Emilia, Chris's wife, took some amazing pictures when they were visiting Easter Island last year. I am really excited to see what they have put together. Here is a description of thier project from Tiki Chris himself:

The blog is a humble attempt to keep abreast of the news pertaining to one of the world's most fascinating places - Rapa Nui. I hope to present current news about the island, its people, and its culture in such a way as to allow readers to determine their positions for themselves. Of course, comments and opinions pertaining to Rapa Nui from readers are certainly welcome and even encouraged.

Recently, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by visiting Rapa Nui, an adventure chronicled in a 22-page travelogue, The Law of the Island: A Rapa Nui Travelogue. More about The Law of the Island can be found at

By no means do I see myself as an expert on all things Rapanui neither do purport to represent the views of anyone, let alone those of the Rapanui people. With that said, I certainly welcome any suggestions and leads from others interested in staying up-to-date on Rapa Nui happenings.

I've already posted a few pieces - about the plans to build a casino on the island and about the moai that is to be returned to the island from buenos aires.

Tiki Chris

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