Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coconut Wired adventure #12 - It's not Over Till It's Over

Jahmbi Photo complements of Dawn "Sophista-tiki" Frasier.

The Men In Grey suits have tried to shut our signal down, but the ever so clever Monkeypod was able to out think them and regain control over our podcast. They MIGs have threatened and vowed to infiltrate our barriers, shut us down and bring us up on charges of sedition. Our minutes are numbered, but we will continue to stand defiantly and keep crankin' out tunes until the end. Although our future is lookin' dark, we remain stoked that we are able to put these tunes into the ears of the Coconut Wired listeners. And even though we finally managed to get the sassy podacasters under control at this stage it may be a moot point. Good thing we have the tasty artwork of Dawn "Sophista-tiki" Frasier to look at and the awesome tunes of El Capitan and the Skallywags, The Barbwires, The Surfonics, The Pyronauts and Waitiki to keep our minds off the impending doom we face. Special thanks to Tomputer for letting us use his song Flein 2 for the background music of the MIG segments.

We are always looking to feature new artist and music. If you are or know somebody who is creating artwork or music inspired by the tropical surf, exotic cocktails and magical lush jungles and who would like to be a part of Coconut Wired. Zap us a message!

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