Friday, February 16, 2007

Illustration Logos by Chongolio

I have been pretty busy workin on some illustration logos for several clients over the last few weeks. The Biker girl and Skull illustrations were done for my good friends over at Medieval Metal to help promote their new line of cool biker style Ponytail holders for the Harley Davidson Set.

Here are also a couple logos and business card layouts I did in a tikis style for a couple clients. The first one is for Tiki Todd Productions. Tiki Todd handles the booking of bands down in Southern California.

Here is another logo and business card layout I did for Tikiscapes, a landscape business in Florida who specializes in tropical inspired design.

This last illustration of a House Gnome was done for SSJC Inc. in New Jersey. They are in the business of purcasing houses in disrepairand helping people out who have houses that are in danger of foreclosure or have become a finacial burden. This little fellow was used on postcards, flyers and business cards.

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