Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hand painted Ohana Hut is going to be available soon

Yes you read right. Good ol Stuckie from Munktiki, being the all around good dude he be, got in touch with me before I split for Hawaii and offered me the chance to hang out at his studio and paint one of my unnumbered artist proof Ohana Huts. Well I spent a few days lampin' with Senor Stuckz, paintin', chirpin and firing up the kiln. Not to mention watchin' some weird old monster films, playing bizarre Japanese video games and listening to some of Stuckie's musical endeavors. Yes, he is a talented musician too. Anywho, I need to scrounge up some extra cha-ching-a-ling to help offset the expense of me moving over to Kauai. So here is what I am gonna do...

I am thinking about raffling it off so everybody has a fair chance of winnin'. My thoughts are this. Iwill sell raffle tickets for $2.00 or $3.00 dollars. tickets will be unlimited and anybody can buy them. (None of my family was able to get a hut either and I want to give them a chance too.) I will hold a raffle at a public location when I am on the mainland in August and the winning ticket will be pulled by somebody other than my self so there are no accusations of trickery or favoritism. I do need help figuring out how to pull this off without making to much work for myself and keeping it fair. I am open to suggestions and will be getting CHONGOVISION fired up along with my IM app and will be around for a few hours to chat it up with anybody with suggestions or questions about the raffle or how things are going here in the South Seas. If CHONGOVISION is acting up I will just be on my IM too. You can add me to your freinds list on the following IM services:

yahoo- Chongolio
gmail chat-
ichat- chongolio

I will be online this Sat June 23 between 11:00 till ? Hawaii is three hours behind the west coast so that is 2:00 pm. The rest of you will have to figure out the time for your area. If there is any problems or tech trouble I will have to reschedule. If you dont want to tune into CHONGOVISION or do the IM thing feel free to post on this thread or send me an email. Do not take it personally if I don't use your idea or don't reply. The fact is I am really really busy trying to get my studio and artwork put back together and need to keep this as painless as possible for everyone who is interested. So pee-babies need not apply or post. I am lookin' forward to chattin' it up with some of my freind again.


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