Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Surfin' Safari at Kalapaki Beach

The Safari with new plates

Last week was pretty busy and I got a lot done. My van came in on Tuesday and the next day my packages arrived. Getting everything dialed in took up a bit of my time and kept me pretty busy. The Safari is now registered in the state of Hawaii and I now have sportin' Hawaiian license plates. I also set up a savings and checking account at the Kauai Credit Union. The owner of Island Art and Screenprinting, the silkscreen shop I have been doing some work for have been much more than cool and have let me use the shop as an address until I set a PO Box and also have let me stash my boxes upstairs and stay in the spare room. I am still on the look out for housing, but now I am not so rushed and can be a little more picky. I have a few leads out there that I waiting to see how they pan out.

The studio/office that I am going to be using upstairs at the shop still needs a lot of work done, so I have been doing what I can to get it ready to be revamped. There is some of drywall work to be done as well as some laying in a new floor covering and installing some sort of ventilation or window. I have been tearin' out linoleum and dry wall as well as haulin' out all the equipment and silk screening supplies that were stored in there. Hopefully, Tim, one of the owners, and I will get started on it this week so I can get my computers up and running. I have been using the office downstairs to get on the internet on my laptop. Having my own desk and work station is frustrating but I am trying to be patient and not to pushy.

Kristy, who is one of the owners of Island Art and Screen Printing, has been really friendly and extendin' the aloha spirit my way. She has an extra 9' Riddle surfboard that she brought down to the shop and said I could use. She is still thinkin' about if she wants to sell it to me or not. One day we were both in the water at Kalipaki Beach. Kristy was on a 12 ' paddle board with a really cool paddle that her friend Vince made from bamboo. She asked if I wanted to give it a try and thought "How hard can it be?" Well let me tell ya... harder than it looks. I was wobblin' around all unbalanced and fell right on my ASS on the thing. I finally got my balance and sea legs and even managed to pick off a small wavelet without fallin off or runnin' anybody over. It was pretty fun and a pretty good work out too.

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