Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Last week I found myself at the end of Capitola wharf around dusk as a HUGE swell filled in. I rode my bike to the end of the pier and checked out the whompers as they rolled in and rocked the pilings! Scary and Hairy! When I got home I learned the Mavericks contest was GO!
The next day, and under some of the best conditions ever seen to date, Grant Baker out shined the S.C. locals and had his unforgettable day as the King of perfect giant California surf. Right On Grant, you charged!! The following week was filled with epic surf conditions up and down the California coast as it lit up with sunny skies and head high peelers for everybody! I took this fuzzy shot of a grom surfin' the Cappy pier as the surf kept getting bigger!
Music to watch giant surf too:

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