Monday, February 13, 2006

Keepin' On

Plenty of stuff going on and I find myself busy busy busy. But I did find some time to bust away from the grinder and paint this crazy monster tile at my cute lil nieces 8th birthday party.

The tile was made at one of those places where they provide the ceramic doo-dars (like figurines, soap dishes etc) and the different colored glazes with names like "Tahitian Blue" and "Speckeled Lizard green." After you pick out your peice, you then get to go nuts. Last year, I did a monkey riding a dolphin wavin' his top hat. Like I said You get to go nuts. Hey man it ain't just for the kids.

Yup, It looks like a Podcast from Chongolio and freinds will be in the near future. I have been stuffin' my melon with all kinds of info and have been askin lots of questions of the podcasting community. Stay posted for more info about my first adventures in the Podosphere.

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