Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sam Gambino, Grandpa Munster & Hot Rod Hi Jinx

Updated: Sadly,Al Lewis a.k.a Grandpa Munster passed away last Friday after years of failing health. He made it to 95. We will miss you Grandpa.

Mad Man Sam Gambino is on the loose again and unveiled another one of his monstrous creations over on his thread on Tiki Central. I for one am always {{{STOKED}}} to see Sam's latest work of art and this time he proves that 'ol Grandpa Munster is still dead and breathin' Yes sir, old man Munster is still creepin around, creatin' his concoctions, crankin' on his camshafts and appears too have hit high gear with his Super-Powered Rocket Fuel.

Old man Munster isn't the only celebrity icon to come callin' on Sam. Check out to see who else has paid his studio a visit. You may run into more monsters, a tiki or two, a notorious gangsters or possibly a hot 60's pin up. While at his website be sure to check out Sam's Shrunken Head. Produced by Tiki Farm and designed by Sam, this creeptacular mug pays tribute to the long lost art of Drinkin' and shrinkin'.

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