Monday, February 13, 2006

Tiki Oasis 6 May 4-7 th 2006

UPDATE: Tickets are on sale now! Check out the website for more info on how to get yours. I am waitin' for vending info and hopefully gonna make it down with a boat load of goodies!

It looks like Tiki Oasis will be held this year in San Diego, California rather than Palm Springs. The dates for this tiki event of the year are May 4-7th. FInd out more at Tiki Oasis 6. Check out this years fine Tiki Oasis Poster by none other than super artist Derek Yaniger Derek's art has been used for the Tiki Oasis and the Florida Hukilau at the Mai-Kai posters. Derek's art has also graced the cover of the first edition of Tiki Magazine.

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