Monday, November 12, 2007

The Concaves, Pollo Del Mar and Davie Allen At Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz

I got a heads up from my ol buddy Big Tiki Dude the other day on my IM telling me Davie Allen and the Arrows were touring California and would be playing in Santa Cruz along with Pollo Del Mar and The Concaves on Saturday night at Moe's Alley. After a fun filled musical day of jammin' with friends from the Uke Club of Santa Cruz and a few drinks, I thought headin' in to town for some surf music would be a nice way to round out what had become a super killer trip to the mainland. Unfortunately, I missed most of the Concaves set, but did get a chance to say hello to JD and Bill. Pollo Del Mar was tight as ever and it was cool to catch up Ferenc and Jono again as well as meet their bass player Jeff. Davie Allen was amazing and had recruited Sam and Brian from Dick Dale's band to play with him for a scorching set of loud and fuzzy goodness. Dave told the audience that they had only a few days to practice the songs but they sounded like they had been playin' together for years. I also had the privilege of meetin', chirpin' and hangin' out with the MC of the evening Unsteady Freddie. Dang my ears are still smilin'.

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Anonymous said...


so so appreciate your post of the show; and it was just a groove to meet you and hang out with you;

totally dig your spirit

you brought a lot of joy to me that evening

happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones