Friday, November 09, 2007

Tiki Crawl VII (South Bay)

The kick off of Tiki Crawl 7 was good fun! Although I missed the action live at Smoke Tiki I was able to watch some of the shenanigans via the live stream
that Hanford had hooked up through the dudes at I had to remind myself that I was suppose to be enjoying it live so I packed up all my cameras and camcorders and headed toward San Jose to meet up with my ol buddy Bamzeno who runs We charged over to the San Jose Airport to visit the internationally known Martini Monkey. The bar was packed with friendly familiar faces who all looked to be havin' a good ol time. We were there for about the time it took me to finish my drink before we burned gears over to Trader Vic's Palo Alto. It was a bit more relaxed and quieter than over at the Martini Monkey, but it was much easier to talk with folks and move around. It seemed to me there was some drop off of people along the way but there was still a nice group of people hangin' about. I pulled out my camcorder and cameras while attempting to get some shots but I was plagued with tech gremlins the entire evening with all 3 cameras I had brought along. I am not sure what happened but very little of my video footage survived and what did was Crap! I did manage to get some pics taken by shuffling around batteries and memory cards between devices. So here is a slide show with what I did manage to not screw up.

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