Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Searchers from the Tikis & Turtle Series

Here is another one of the characters from the turtle series I was doing for the
Tiki Magazine Bali Hai Art Show
which was a blast by the way. These guys were done using a acrylic wash for a background on a canvas that I had sitting around for awhile. After I had most of the background and shapes blocked in I sealed it with polyurethane and went at it with the trusty, yet temperamental at times, paint pens. The final had a sea grass frame around it which along with the painted canvas was mounted on a piece of masonite board to help give it some girth. I gave this one to my sister for her birthday. You may still see or better yet hear more about the Turtles and Tiki Travelers Once the
Coconut Wired Under Ground Testing
is complete.

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