Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tiki Crawl San Francisco

Well, I charged out to the city of San Francisco on Saturday to hook up with the crawlers at the Bamboo Hut. I thought I was on a lucky streak and popped into a prime parking spot, but was informed by the local bums that my parkin' place, which was unmarked with no tow away warnings clearly visible, was a in fact in a tow zone and that I would not have a truck waitin' for me when I returned . So after 45 minutes of looking for another parkin' place and ranting to myself how much I hate driving in the city I finally found a legit place to park. Sadly, by this time I had missed everyone at the Bamboo Hut and didn't realize it until about and hour later. I finished my drink and decided to try to meet up with everyone at Trader Vic's S.F. As I was leaving I walked past a lady talkin' on her phone who was saying she was gonna catch a cab over to Trader Vic's. I was quick to say to her "You Navigate and i'll drive." The deal was sealed and Kat and I quickly found T.V and a parkin' spot right in front. NICE! So we joined the party inside and had ourselves a blast. The folks at T.V. were super friendly and helped to make it a heck of a good time. Several Mai Tais and smiles later, I was back in the truck and chooglin' back to Santa Cruz. Thinkin' to myself that it was worth the drive and parkin' difficulty to see all my friends again. Once again, I took pics and here they be:

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