Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aloha Kauai

Flying over to Kauai from Honolulu

After a few crazy weeks of scramblin' all over California visiting family and friends, wishing my Grammy a happy 85th birthday, attending art shows and finishing up a few art projects and cinching up a few loose ends. I find myself writing my latest Hawaii update in the Honolulu Airport while I wait for my connecting flight to Kauai. My Mom and Grandma dropped me off at the Oakland airport early Tuesday morning after a late night of partying and last minute packin'. I made my flight with no problem and the flight was alright. I didn't get much sleep on the plane so I watched Coral Reef Adventure on my laptop and talked with a cute high school girl who was sitting next to me and traveling with her family on their first trip to the Islands.

My van was dropped off at Matson Shipping Company last week and over 400 lbs of my stuff was boxed up, loaded on a palette and sent on its way across the sea a few days later. The van cost about $1000.00 to ship and had to be empty of all personal belongings so nothing could be sent over inside the Safari which sucks but I was already aware of that fact so it came as no surprise. The whole process went very smooth and without any problems. Shipping all my boxes of office and art supplies, rolls of vinyl and the plotter went just as smooth. I sent the 15 boxes via Dependable Hawaiian Express who are located in Hayward Ca. The total cost to ship my stuff was a very reasonable $225.00. My van is due to arrive in Nawiliwili Harbor around June 6th and my boxes on the 27th of May. I am gonna have to figure out how I am gonna get my stuff and where I am gonna put it when it arrives.

My first priority once I get over to Kauai is to jump in the water and then lay on the beach and bask in the Hawaiian sunshine for a few hours. Then I am gonna get busy scouring the local paper, bulletin boards and craigslist for rooms or commercial space where I can get my studio set up. The girl whom I was talking over the past few weeks with about renting a room from in Lihue went nowhere but I am not bummed out. I already have a job interview for a graphic artist/ silkscreen position scheduled for later this week and my old buddy Charlie, who lived on Kauai for 10 years, is putting me in contact with some of his good friends who still live there. So things are already falling into place and all the obstacles on the mainland have been cleared for the most part. Now I am all about getting my self psyched up for the start of my Hawaiian adventure which has officially begun. It still has not completely hit me that I am now living in Hawaii!

I will get Chongovision set up again as soon as I have a steady internet connection and will be attempting to broadcast a video feed on a regular basis so I can chat and share my adventures with you first hand and in real time. I will send out another e-blast with more info when I am all set up and ready to go live. The next episode of Coconut Wired will be running a little late but I hope to have it done before the end of the month so keep your ears peeled and your eye and fingers crossed.

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