Friday, May 25, 2007

Back to the beach

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, maybe too smooth. As it turns out I had to make an unexpected getaway from the wiggy roommate whom I had abruptly moved in with last week. Overnight the chick went from being a cool country girl to a hotbed of emotional weirdness. I still don't know exactly what happened, what I did or if It was even me at all. But whatever it was the vibes were prevelent and it was all to obvious that she did not want me to a part of the living situation there and I wasn't about to stick around to figure out why. My only guess is that she freaked out because suddenly there was a strange monkey boy living amongst her and her belongings who seemed to be at home all the time. It's not like I wasn't completely honest and upfront about my situation and temporary state of flux until my scene jelled and my belongings arrived. Two days of living there was all it took before I was completely over it. The house, although nice and close to the beach, was far from Lihue where I am working and it was also exceedingly hot with no air circulation. Top that off with bad juju and the recipe for "get out of Dodge" was complete. So now I am back to campin' and looking for housing.

The day before I packed up all the housewares that I had just bought along with my things I did bring, I already knew that I must find something new. So I had set up a meeting at Poipu beach with a couple who were in search of a roomate. The meeting went well and they seemed to be of the same mindset as myself and had a cool disposition about them. I left the beach with no solid answer and they told me they are taking their time to find and ideal roommate. So I will have to wait to see what happens with that scene. Later that night I drove over to Kapa'a to meet another woman about a room. Although she was nice enough I didn't feel we were on the same page or shared any common interests. The same day that I packed and split Kekaha I had relisted my housing wanted post on Craigslists. That night I got a call from a guy who had a room for rent near also near Poipu. After a tough time finding the place I finally located the place which was in a funky and sort of run down neighborhood near the town of Lawai. When I walked up to the door I was greeted with the thunderous sound of somebody playin' the drums. I waited for a break in the poundin' to knock on the door; the break never came. I them tried loudly knocking on the door which was answered with more crashin' cymbals and heavy metal drum fills. The door was open but I did not just want to just walk in, so I waited and waited occasionaly letting out a loud "Helloooo" which the neighbors answered with "He can't here you, he has earplugs in." Eventually, I was able to get his attention during a small pause in his practice. However, I already knew from the noise and the musty smell wafting from inside the house that I wasn't interested. I figured since I was already there, had nothing else to do and nowhere to go I would meet the dude and check out his story. The guy was cool and full of the energy but sort of quirky and talkin' a mile a minute as he showed me around the house which was completely devoid of furniture. The only thing that was in the living room was his drum kit which was surrounded by several mattress propped up and meant to muffle the drums which they obviously didn't. After seeing the shoddy room that was available and the bathroom which looked like it should be condemned rather than cleaned. I was sure I would be better off livin' out of my van or on rhw beach. I said good by to the drummer and thanked him for showin' me the house but let him know that I have other options. Afterwards, I drove up too Hanalei thinking to myself that I should of known things were falling into place too simply. I had to convince myself that I was still in good shape and made the right decision to move out here.

So after hangin out at the beach and talkin' story with a guy who had come off an ocean liner docked in Nawiliwili harbor, I am sitting in a Starbucks (a first for me) cooling off, killing time and catchin' up with some work and my internetting. Tomorrow I will be headin' back into the shop too work on some t-shirt art. Hopefully I will also check out some more housing options over the weekend.

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cleen said...

awwwww man, we are rooting for you here. figures the roomate would end up being totally psycho. but it sounds like it was meant to be. good luck on your journey and here's hoping you find something better. hang in there randy!