Friday, May 18, 2007

My new Hawaiian digs

The front of the house

The view down the street

Well I think Hawaii wants me to stay awhile! As I was checkin' out of the Kauai Palms Hotel I got a phone call from one of the ads for housing that I answered. We set up a time to meet later in the afternoon and I hung out at the beach until it was time to meet. The house is in Kehaka on the west side of Kauai and after a drive by before hand I was amping!
The house was awesome and less than a block away from the beach and about 20 minutes from Lihue where I will be working. The meeting with Jill went excellent. We both got a good vibe from one another and agreed to me moving in this Sunday! So less than three days on kauai and I landed a job in the creative field, picked up some illustration work and found an awesome house in an amazing location. I don't want to jinx myself but the tiki gods have been smilin' down on me since my arrival. Seriously, I could cry.


JenTiki said...

Wow! I'm so happy that everything is working out for you! Be happy, Randy! You deserve all the wonderful things life is piling on your plate! Enjoy the feast! But don't forget to come visit once in a while.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Cool looking place!! Ric & I are so happy for you. Can't wait to come visit.

Now, just head to the north side, go to the Tahiti Nui and tell the bartender Darcel that we said hello and we miss them (& you!!) She'll take really good care of you. And give Aunty Lady a hug for us too.


Anonymous said...

Chongo ~ good things come to good people..and you're GREAT people!

while you're upcountry, check out the Masters of the Slack Key Guitar concerts.

slurp up some Hamura Saimin.. sadly Green Garden in Hanapepe is gone..

ah Kauai, our favorite island. be well, Randy,
elicia & frank-todd