Monday, July 02, 2007

Ahi, ahi, ahi! (fire, fire, fire)

As my freind Tim and I headed into Kapa'a from Lihue to the Olympic cafe for a pitcher of beer and some Kalua pig quesadillas, we came across this firey scence just outside of Kapa'a. People were parked along side the road and watching this good sized fire burn it way just along side the highway. This is the second fire this week along that stretch of road. This fire was nothing compared to the one that was blazing in Maui over the weekend. Hard to believe that one of the wettest places on earth is suffering from a drought. Later that night, Tim and I pulled over along side a mountain road to watch helicopters dip giant buckets into the Waialua River to dump over the fire that was just about under control. Fortunately, the road was not shut down and I was able toget back into Lihue.

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