Friday, July 27, 2007

Progress Shots of My New Tiki Room in Kauai

Here are some progress shots of my new Tiki Room that is being put together upstairs at the screenprintin' shop I am workin' and stayin' at here in Lihue. Up the stairs first door at the top on the right.

Reed fencing for the walls. These rolls came from Walmart of all places only 16.00 bucks a roll! Quite the deal.

Lookin' into the room which was previously a darkroom that was crammed with old equipment parts ink and junk. The slidin' door has been removed so a regular door can be installed.

Skipper muddin' the ceiling and walls. He also cut out and framed the window as well as insulated and sheet rocked the wall shown and another on the other side of the room partition.

Lookin' back out the door and at Skippydoo's elbow grease.

Keep Checkin' back more progress shots to uploaded soon!

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