Saturday, July 07, 2007

Even more goodies added to the Ohana Hut Raffle

Holy Shiznit! This is out of control!!! I am almost beyond words here folks. I am going to be busy all day today getting back to the people who have bought raffle tickets and donated items to what has become an amazing gesture of friendship by so many. Let me run this by you all again. For a measly $3.00 clams you have the chance to win these AWESOME ITEMS You can also win these:
A one of a kind hand painted by Chongolio Ohana Hut made possible by the endless generosity of Stuckie at Munktiki with a custom bamboo shelf built by none other than Bamboo Ben which has given an eyeball scorchin' paint job by Ken "Little Lost Tiki" Ruzic. With embellishments added by everybody's favorite neandrathal and yellow people animator GROG.

A super sweet comic book illustrated by Jack Kirby featuring Moai that come to life donated by the talented tentacles of Squid

A one of a kind Aquamarine rocketship decanter from Make Da Mug the genius and hardworkin' force behind Tiki Farm

Seven signed mini prints by none other than the aloha oozin' and talent overflowin' man they call Thor.

Now if that wasn't enough to get your peepers poppin' there is more!!!

The paint slingin', brush smokin', bad motor scooter known as Sam Gambino has kicked down an original signed Shrunken Clown Ink Wash (picture will be posted soon) and this signed print:

Also donated by the the multi talented creative madman Notch are a couple of his much coveted tiki mugs. (pics added soon)

All this and more to be raffled off, thanks to Conga Mike and Martiki, in one exciting night at one of the known univerese's finest Tiki bars Forbidden Island

So what you think!!!! Coconuts or what. Not sure what I did to receive so much Aloha from you all but I am completely flattered and greatful to have such genereous and thoughful friends and to be a part of such a unique group of folks.

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