Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More prizes for the Ohana Hut Raffle added

Your not going to believe what Mr and Mrs Swampfire have thrown into the raffle pot! Check these beauties out:

Limited edition print by Doug "Swampfire" Horne
"Marquesan Hat" #26 of 200
Matted size 16"X20", textured straw mat
Value $75

Resin necklace made by Stacey
Size of resin piece is 1.25"X7/8"
Artwork by Doug Horne
On adjustable leather cord
Value $30

Boy did that just make the pot even juicier and one of these awesome items can possibly be yours for the small price of $3.00! Once again I have to thank all of the Ohana for their support with donations and purchases of the raffle tickest. I am totally blown away by the generosity and friendship you have given me. I almost feel like I should have a terminal illness or something rather than a large hole in my wallet. So to help curb my pangs of guilt I am going to sweeten the deal a little more and throw in this Chongolian original; The Tiki Turtle-lele a handpainted, green bauble embelished ukulele

I can't say in enough times MAHALO MAHALO MAHALO! to everyone who bought tickets and donated there fantastic creations to me out.

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